Offered: High end Low-code platform (Java)

Offered: High end Low-code platform (Java)



Offered for acquisition


High end Low-code platform (Java)


230861 HB



Over the past 15 years, our client has developed a new low-code platform for web applications with built-in integration and BI functionality.


The current entrepreneur wants to transfer the platform to a software company that wants to expand its activities and strengthen its position in the market. In the event of a transfer, the client is open to a possible collaboration for optimal knowledge transfer and setting up projects.


Suitable for general use and for all markets. No additional software is necessary to provide a complete solution. It is extremely suitable for migrating large legacy applications to a web application, whereby this process is partly automated.


The platform is intended for Java software developers that the acquisition candidate has at its disposal.


The platform has been tested in production for a total of more than 10 years with several (known) customers in different markets.


Acquisition of candidates


  1. A software company that wants to expand its software portfolio with its own low-code platform and will also market the platform as such.
    The platform now focuses on software developers and must be expanded at the front end (user interface) to be suitable for users without software development knowledge (citizen developers).
  2. A software supplier that markets its own product, e.g. an ERP, CRM or WMS system. Using your own low-code platform speeds up the development process, adds functionality and prevents dependence on an external low-code platform supplier (vendor lock-in).



The platform is written in Java and uses the open-source platform GWT for the front-end and link with the backend. Other (open-source) libraries are also used for the front and backend. The platform supports three databases (MS SQL server, MySQL, Oracle) but support for other databases can easily be added.


In 2019, a professional external security assessment was done according to the OWASP method including a code review.



In the event of a transfer, the following assets are included:

  • License servers : Necessary if the platform is marketed as a low-code platform.
  • Ticket system : All open tickets related to the platform. This application is built with the platform and also serves as an example application.
  • Example application : Zero-code application for showing the possibilities of the platform to external customers.

Many applications have been created with the platform for different customers where the IP is partly with others. Acquisition of this can be discussed in consultation.



The current entrepreneur wants to sell the platform. He does not see himself as the ideal person to realize the commercialization. He is willing to remain involved after sale for a period to be determined


The acquisition price for this unique and impressive low-code platform is in the higher price range, based on its uniqueness, huge profit potential and R&D that has taken place over 15 years.


BusinessPartners through business broker Pleun Bakker will be happy to inform you further.