Whipstock Circulation Adapter

Whipstock Circulation Adapter


Whipstock Circulation Adapter; this Patent and all rights for sale; saving oil companies an contractors enormous amounts of time and money. 

 Our client, former oil rig manager with many years of experience, created, developed and patented a new Whipstock Circulation Adapter for an existing slightly modified “Piling Whipstock” used at slot recoveries at oil rigs off-shore.

Client came across many occasions where it took a long time to set a whipstock below the mud-line / under seabed, this mainly because gravel and sand was caving in on top of the stump.
Therefore usually drill-pipe/collars are used to wash the area around the stump clean, and sometimes even heavy mud is pumped in the cavity to avoid debris falling on top of the stump.

Usually this way of working takes several days up to more than a week, divers or ROV’s regularly are used. Depending on the rig size this operation becomes really expensive.
With this patented “Whipstock Circulation Adapter” one can set the conductor in one run, in one day. The Whipstock Circulation Adapter also works on concentric stumps.

The Whipstock Circulation Adapter will save the principal  company lots of time and money, using the WCA may make the difference between a go or not go, and gives the serving company the opportunity to get the slot recovery order. The price for a WCA can be substantially higher than the known whipstock.

Owning the 2017 patent of the Whipstock Circulation Adapter would place the new owner in a unique position, either saving principals lots of money, or to get more slot recovery orders at  a substantial higher profit.

The inventor would be pleased to inform interested parties professionally after a signed NDA, that we will send gladly to you.

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