Successful event agency, The Netherlands, Amsterdam

Successful event agency, The Netherlands, Amsterdam


West  Netherlands

Successful event agency Reference: 1377KQ


Our client has been operating a successful event agency since 2012, in Amsterdam,  mainly as to the services around business events and meetings, conferences, congresses, in the field of styling, catering, entertainment, music, and audiovisual.


After a temporary setback as a result of Corona, this dynamic company is up and running again and has concluded excellent long-term contracts with known parties.


The turnover in 2022 will be around 1 to 1.5 Mio and the result is around 200k; after an appropriate management reward; and at a clear upward trend.


The company has won two pitches with a great to huge potential; if these pitches are converted into contracts, which is expected to become clear around the turn of the year, an upscale of the organization is needed to add the relevant substance.


After the acquisition and preparation, the elaboration of the events and the current contracts is outsourced to high-quality fixed suppliers; good ties with these suppliers are maintained. These parties may be involved in a sale of our client’s event agency in a form to be agreed upon and contributing to continuity.


The company is located in an exceptionally beautiful international location in that adds to the commitment of the employees, clients and the overall appearance of the agency.


The market potential is enormous, the client has laid the foundation for this; nevertheless, the client is opting for a different interpretation in his life, which is the reason for the intended sale.


We are looking for a strategic buyer who already has a position in the event industry, as an event agency, or as an audiovisual company that wishes to give substance to the growing number of events in the portfolio of our client’s company.

The client is prepared to remain connected to the organization under appropriate conditions for a time to be determined in the context of a good transition to the new owner of the company.