Patent for sale: Transmission System, stepless

Patent for sale: Transmission System, stepless




Offered: Patent for sale: Transmission System, stepless. Ref: 1372 JDW-CRS E

On behalf of our principal we would like to ask for your attention to this patent for sale; an invention of a new kind of stepless transmission system.

The new system is based on one or two axles with conical discs that can be adjusted vertically, variably and stepless by using an adaptive drive press belt, hydraulically and/or digitally controlled.

The unique construction of this system automatically centers and stabilizes itself, thus delivering a flawless and stable stepless transmission.


The patent for sale of this system can be found under the WO number: 2017/160145A1.


The name is “Controlled Rotation System


A number of advantages of this system are;

– Infinitely adjustable.

– Stable

– Stepless

– Compact.

– Relatively few parts.

– Durable.

– Low weight.

– Easy to maintain.

– Low production costs.


Possible applications of this system may be;

– To replace traditional gear mechanisms in vehicles, and various types of mechanical engineering.

– Due to its compactness, it is also possible to link the transmission to stand-alone parts.

– Very interesting is the possible application in automotive techniques, each individual wheel can be equipped with this transmission and this is especially beneficial for electric driven vehicles.


Our client offering this patent for sale worked out detailed DWG drawings, simulations and also the individual parts in 3-D digital bodies (Solids) with Mechanical 3D software from Autodesk Inventor.


He wants to sell the patent and rights against a fair lump sum and royalties.


He is also open for a cooperation with an investor.


Business broker Pleun Bakker, Business Partners  NL,  gladly informs you further.