Patent for sale: Energy Generating System

Patent for sale: Energy Generating System


Offered by Business Partners, The Netherlands: Patent for sale: Energy Generating System. Ref: 1372 JDW-DT


On behalf of our client we would like to draw your attention to this patent for sale:

Invention of a new energy generating system.

The new system is based on an airflow driven turbine along with a compressor with a high-pressure air tank connected to a large air tank. Furthermore, the system is equipped with a computer that monitors the airflow via sensors, in combination with the necessary digital valves. This allows the FAN to generate enough power to drive a mounted electric turbine.

The patent for sale was granted under number: NL 2026297 and continues in the PCT registration number: PCT/NL2021/050513.

The name of the system is Press-Air FAN.

Advantages of this system:

 – The system uses only normal air and requires no further fuel or electricity except a very small battery to boot and to power the computer.

– Because only normal air is used, the FAN will  not suffer from large temperature differences.

– Cost of this system related to material and manufacture will be very acceptable because this system is made of simple and inexpensive components.

– Durable and environmentally friendly.

– Easy to maintain.

Possible applications of this system.

– Replacement of traditional power reprocessing motors.

– Applicable in small and large-scale projects, including industry, airports and isolated international communities.

– Very interesting is the possible application in the automotive industry, off-shore projects and agrisache and livestock companies.


Our client worked out detailed DWG drawings, simulations and also the individual parts in 3D digital bodies (Solids) with mechanical 3D software from Autodesk Inventor.

He offers the patent for sale and the rights at a fair price in combination with royalties.

He is also open to a collaboration with an investor.

Business broker Pleun Bakker, Business Partners NL, will be happy to inform you further.