Patent for sale: Adaptive Car Tyre

Patent for sale: Adaptive Car Tyre



Patent for sale: Adaptive Car Tyre- Ref: 1372 JDW-DT


On behalf of our principal we would like to ask for your attention to this patent for sale, an  invention of a new adaptive light truck and car tyre.

The new system is based on grip elements that can move in and out of the tyre body at will, using an existing pneumatic pump/valve unit system, thus generating more grip especially in special conditions.

The pneumatic unit is mounted in or on the wheel and can be controlled digitally.

This conceptual tyre is patented under number: WO 2018/044165 A1.


The name of this tyre and the patent for sale  is “Adaptive Light Truck & Car Tyre


Advantages of this system are:

– Always adjustable full grip on various surfaces and changing conditions.

– Abrasion can be discounted because the grip elements are made of high quality

composite materials and  these elements are mounted solidly in the holding   shafts even in maximum extended position.

– Environmentally friendly and economic because only the grip elements can be replaced and the tyre body can be used again without modifications.

– Durable because the tyre will have a much longer service life.


Possible applications of this tyre may be:

– To replace traditional tyres on light trucks and cars.

– For vehicles that to operate offroad, and in other special conditions like heavy rain and snow, adjustable to changing conditions.


For this patent for sale 0ur client worked out detailed DWG drawings, simulations and also the individual parts in 3-D digital bodies (Solids) with Mechanical 3D software from Autodesk Inventor.


He wants to sell the patent and rights against a fair lump sum and royalties.


He is also open for a cooperation with an investor.


Business broker Pleun Bakker, Business Partners  NL,  gladly informs you further.